Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Stills: Fins, Feathers and Fur

Some other fur pictures are in a post further down called 'My Bubba" that I posted a few weeks ago, don't want to re-post them.

My nephew caught this wide mouth bass this past summer.

This seagull was enticed by a cheesy! One day while at the beach I wanted to get some pics so my friend used one of the kids snacks and it came right up to my friend. Finally after a few pics and the bird not getting the cheesy it flew away. About 2 minutes later we were talking and my friend had the cheesy still in her hand and the bird flew out of no where, scared the you know what our of us and snatched the cheesy from her hand. Our kids were laughing so hard because we
screamed so loud, had no idea what the heck came at us.

Butterflies at the Detroit Zoo.

Bear at Detroit Zoo.

Seagulls at Detroit Zoo.